Direct Payments

Direct Payments are defined by the new Regulation (EC) 1307/2013 with effect from 1 January 2015 and financed by the EAGF. Their legal basis is Articles 38 to 44 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), Regulation (EU) 1306/2013 (OJ L 347, 20.12.2013, p. 549) and Regulation ) 1307/2013 (OJ L 347, 20.12.2013, p. 608).

From 2015 onwards, the single payment was replaced by new direct payments, including basic aid, green payments and, for those under 40, new entrants, aid for young farmers. Single payment entitlements, as granted under Regulations (EC) 1782/2003 and (EC) 73/2009, expired on 31-12-2014. In 2015, new basic payment entitlements were granted, in line with the eligible area declared by farmers on submission of the single aid application and provided that they met the conditions. Specifically for 2015, the single application for aid was also an application for basic payment entitlements.

Direct schemes up to 31-12-2014 included the following regimes:

- Special aid scheme for cotton

- Single payment scheme

- Aid scheme for sugar beet growers

- coupled aid scheme for processing tomatoes

- Specific support measures under Article 68 of Regulation (EC) 73/2009

- Reconstruction & Conversion Program for Wine Areas

- Program for the eradication of wine-growing areas

- Community support program for the smaller Aegean islands

- Operational programs of producer organizations and aid to producer groups for pre-recognition

- Olive oil organizations

EPAL 2007-2013

The Operational Fisheries Program 2007-2013 (full text here) was approved by the European Commission under Decision C (2007) 6402 / 11-12-2007. The EPAL 2007-2013 covered the entire Greek territory divided (for the European Fisheries Fund) into 2 non-convergence regions and 11 "convergence objective" regions. The axes of the Program were as follows:

- Adjustment of the fishing fleet

- Aquaculture, inland fishing, processing and marketing of fishery and aquaculture products

- Measures of common interest

- Sustainable development of fisheries areas

- Technical support

RDP 2014-2020

The Rural Development Program 2014-2020 (the full text is available here) was adopted on 11 December 2015 by the European Commission's decision C (2015) 917 and represents € 5.8 billion in public spending (€ 4.7 billion in Community funding). Participation). The planned breakdown of the program is as follows:

- promoting knowledge transfer and innovation in the agricultural sector with a share of 6.2% of the Community contribution, ie € 292 million,

- Enhancing the sustainability of farms and the competitiveness of all types of agriculture, as well as promoting innovative agricultural technologies and sustainable forest management with 15,11% of Community resources, ie 713 million €,

- promoting the organization of the food chain with a breakdown of 7.4%, ie € 347.7 million of Community involvement,

- rehabilitation, conservation and enhancement of ecosystems related to agriculture and forestry, to which 38.7%, ie 1,825 million €,

- promoting resource efficiency, supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy and the resilience of the agriculture, food and forest sectors to climate change, with the allocation of 19.01%, ie € 897 million Participation,

- promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic growth in rural areas with 12.4%, ie € 584.3 million in Community involvement.

The data processing, interactive charting and data uploading code is available in R language here, under the MIT license (more details on terms of use here). If you want to learn more about R and create fascinating data analysis applications, take a look at this course "R Programming For Beginners".


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