Soil Sampler is a popular tool for effective precision agriculture and getting soil samples in your fields. The very first steps to precision agriculture are the right soil sample, accurate method and tools for precise soil analysis. Soil Sampler is a real time-saver, navigating the user straight to the soil pick-up position, avoiding unnecessary movement around the field whilst doing so.This is created for farmers, agronomists, landlords, farming corporations. Grains, crops, cereals, wheat, barley, soybean, corn.

How to use soil sampler:

1. Draw your field on the map or go around it using GPS measurement tool

2. Set the sample grid size for each field

3. Start “accurate navigation” in your sample pick-up position

4. Write lot number on the soil bag

5. Move to the next POI position on the field

Soil Sampler application has a great GPS functionality as well as manual polygon definition. However, importing shapefiles is somewhat troublesome, so it is a functionality recommended only for those with experience with this type of files and GIS. Upon succeeding in setting a field polygon, geometric measurements are available (perimeter and area) and the polygon is stored for use in sampling. The soil sampling procedure is simple enough, as long as you define the proper settings, and the subsequent result is stored and available for export as kml file. The map depiction has layer selection settings and everything is editable. The application overall is pretty straightforward and there is a quite descriptive tutorial available within it. A very useful tool for anyone working on land and soil sampling.

Available in the following link

Soil Sampler


User friendly


Safe to use




Developer support


Goal achievement



  • Fast and to the point
  • Export option in kml is quite useful
  • Very easy to use
  • More data could be stored with each polygon field (i.e altitude)


  • Shapefiles use is a bit troublesome
  • A niche app so it is mostly suitable for professionals
Soil sampler