Cereals are the most important category of plants grown for human nutrition. Cereals produce bread, animal food, raw materials for the food industry, papermaking and other industries. They belong mainly to the family of agrostis and are annual plants sown and harvested within a year. They are divided into three main categories:

  • Cereals, including wheat, maize, rice, millet, spelled and the like
  • In the puddings, which belong to the different kinds of beans, soybeans (considered to be one of the most basic legumes), lentils, chickpeas etc. and finally,
  • In oily cereals, such as soybean, sunflower and more.

Grain quality depends on the weight per hectolitre (weight per unit volume), the degree of purity, the grain color and the germination capacity (for barley in particular). Particularly for the hectolitre, the quality is determined as follows:

  • Excellent quality > 82
  • Quality A > 78
  • Quality B > 76
  • Greek 74-78
  • Unsuitable for baking <76