Organic Farming (or Organic Gardening For Beginners) is an application that includes some very helpful information for organic gardening such as organic methods to control pest, organic vegetable gardening, organic fertilizer recipes, organic garden pesticides, organic soil, organic food vs non-organic food, organic fertilizers for roses, benefits of seaweed fertilizers etc. Other available functions included are (a) a useful ebook-formed guide for organic gardening, (b) a scanner for organic gardening as a tool to take a photo of your garden or crop in order to create a combined pdf file, (c) a notepad to keep note and references of anything seemingly relative and (d) a feedback section for all users.

This application lacks any structure and can hardly be considered as a gardener-oriented toolbox. It contains a lot of information about organic gardening, however it is scattered and repeated in 2-3 sections. Although its title points to organic farming, it focuses on organic gardening, as a preceding version of the app. Its extra functions are simple add-on's with general use and no combined usability for a practical or aspiring gardener. The scanner is misleading as a user expects a recognition or digitization function;instead the scanner regards collecting photos into a pdf album (hardly a gardening tool, more for Instagram fans). The notepad has no significance  since all smart-devices support their own notes application (and in a much more developed technology). Finally, its size is quite large for such a plain-design application. Overall, this application gives the user a sense of hasty and irrelevant additions upon a plain article collection about organic gardening.

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Organic Farming


User friendly


Safe to use




Developer support


Goal achievement



  • It is a niche application about organic gardening


  • Misleading application title
  • Infromation scattered or repeated in different sections of the application
  • Uninteresting application layout.
  • Add-on functions with minimal value for gardeners.
  • Large size of application
Organic Farming