This application is about new innovations in agriculture and is based on the question that the challenges of the current world are putting a lot of pressure on agriculture: population growth, the impact of climate change, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, emerging economies and the growing instability associated with land, water and energy shortages. Innovation, in general, is a process by which something new is applied in a given context. is socially appropriate and offers benefits to the parties involved. It is a driving force for economic growth and competitiveness in the countries. The innovative solutions and capabilities depicted in this application aim to develop agricultural areas in a way that meets the needs of the various stakeholders: small and medium-sized and large producers and the most vulnerable population groups.

In practice, the application is a collection of photos. In none of the photos there is a verbal example (see below) or a reference to sources or documentation (also which license is available or the photos are being photographed). The structure of the application itself is a motorcycle page. Only useful for someone who has time to download unknown apps and looking for photos.

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New innovations in agriculture


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  • Only photos, nothing else as content
New innovations in agriculture