Honey production

The following section depicts basic beekeeping figures such as honey production, beehives number and total production value in the Regions and Regional Units of Greece, based on data obtained from the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.

Analysis description

The key areas of the data set are (a) the Region, (b) the Regional Module (c) the reference year, (d) the honey production (tonnes), (e) the number of hives and (f) the total value of production. The analysis is done with updated data received at the time of loading the page (or at each reload).

The two charts are generated based on the values ​​selected by the user in the side menu, namely the X and Y axis variables. The charts are interactive, in the sense that the user can see the relationship of two variables, either automatically or manually, over the years, while it can reproduce the same information in a bar chart or time series.

The data processing, interactive charting and data uploading code is available in a language R here, under the MIT license (more details on terms of use here). If you want to learn more about R and create fascinating data analysis applications, take a look at this course "R Programming For Beginners".

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Honey production in Greece

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