Agriculture began independently in different parts of the globe. Civilization was the product of the Agricultural Neolithic Revolution while, in the course of history, civilization coincided in space with fertile areas. There are three main sources of growth in crop production: expanding the land area, increasing the frequency with which it is cropped (often through irrigation), and boosting yields. In recent years the growth rates of world agricultural production and crop yields have slowed. This has raised fears that the world may not be able to grow enough food and other commodities to ensure that future populations are adequately fed. Despite impressive reductions in the proportion of undernourished, continuing population growth means that progress in reducing the total number will be slower.

This section analyzes the key features of the world's agricultural sector. Particular emphasis is given to its contribution to the economy, employment, the environment, the social dimension and the quality of food. Below is a list of all articles about the world's agricultural sector.