In this section, forest villages are geographically depicted, based on data drawn from Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.

Analysis description

Forest villages have been created in selected forest areas of Greece and their main goals are the development of eco-tourism, environmental training and alternative recreational activities. Each village comprises 20 houses and may host up to 80 people. Forest villages have been built in Erymanthos, Kedros, Dryades, Livadaki, Kapsitsa, Ano Doliana and others to be created in new areas.

According to 117036/6306/28-12-2014 Joint Ministerial Decision of Ministers Agricultural Development and Food  and Tourism "Approval of Operational Regulation of wooden houses (Forest Villages)", the village's mission is:

  1. Provision of services for recreation, environmental training and updating visitors about the important values of the forest and the natural environment in general.
  2. Hosting forest, environmental or other outdoor missions, organizing conventions or seminars regarding, forestry, environment or other and facilitating students of each educational tier.
  3. Potential user/visitor may be each interested citizen with priority given to youth, students, families, elderly, disabled people, scientists - researchers during field surveys in close or broader area, members of environmental or other associations and unions, domestic or foreign, and generally everyone who wishes to experience, even for a while, know, love and learn to protect efficiently pure nature

Historically, creation of forest villages, by forestry agencies, in selected areas of the country, in order to facilitate short stays for passive recreation and environmental awareness, was first constituted with 99278/5712/08-12-1997 Ministerial Decision and included in "Allowed projects and constructions for facilitation of visitors - users of outdoor recreational areas".

The map was created based on cartographic template of Open Street Map (OSM).


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Forest villages

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