Field Navigator, being the most popular parallel driving application for Precision Agriculture, can save money by just installing - no need for additional expensive equipment. Measure the size of your farm, field or grassland easily and hassle-free, even in poor conditions or low visibility. Save field data, borders and guidance lines, mark obstacles and create a database of your requirement. With Field Navigator Steering Assistance driving to parallel tracks is much easier, reducing the workload, size of untreated areas and avoiding overlaps. This app is perfect for large and small farm owners, practitioners, learners and professionals of Precision Agriculture.

With Field Navigator, you can

  • navigate in parallel lines while driving in the field
  • navigate and create tracks on Google Maps in satellite view
  • create fields database by using GPS or manually
  • measure field area and perimeter by using GPS or manually by selecting points on the map
  • import field data in *.shp / *.kml formats
  • export field data in *.kml format
  • share field data.

Field Navigator has great GPS functionality as well as manual polygon definition. The process of logging the surface of farms and paths is quite simple, since you specify the correct settings, and the resulting result is saved when it is available for export as a kml file. However, importing shapefiles is not simple enough for the average user, so it is a feature recommended only for those with experience with this kind of file and GIS. With the success of defining a field polygon, geometric measurements (perimeter and area) are available, and the polygon is stored for use. An extensive set of settings such as units of measurement (distance, surface, etc.), language and GPS are provided. The map view has layer selection options and everything is editable. The application as a whole is quite simple and there is a pretty descriptive tutorial available on it. In summary, Field Navigator is an excellent tool for measuring surfaces and track logs.

Available in the following link

Field Navigator


User friendly


Safe to use




Developer support


Goal achievement



  • Quick and clear
  • The export option in kml is very useful
  • Very easy to use
  • More data can be stored with each polygon field (ie altitude)
  • Suitable for a wide range of users, from field professionals to young farmers who want to manage their farms


  • Using Shapefiles is somewhat problematic
Field Navigator