In this section, density of agricultural population is depicted, based on data drawn from World Bank's database.

Analysis description

The main fields of the respective dataset are (a) country, (b) year of reference and (c) agricultural population. The analysis is based on updated data which is drawn each time the page is loading (or reloading).

  • In tab Per country there is a depiction per country during the whole reference period (for the respective years with available data).
  • In tab Per year there is a geographic depiction per year with colour differentiation for all countries.
  • In tab 5 countries with highest agricultural population density (per sq. klm arable land) there is a depiction of five top countries during the whole reference period or a subset of it, depending on the user's choice.
  • In tab Data synopsis per country there is a depiction of the main statistic figures per country (minimum, maximum, mean).
  • In tab Download data the dataset, containing the fields  used for the analysis, is available for the user to download.

The reproducible code of processing the data, creating the interactive charts and downloading the data is available in R language here, under MIT license (more details about terms of usage here). If you want to learn more about R and create fascinating data analysis applications, take a look at this course "R Programming For Beginners".

Density of agricultural population

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