Bee Health is an application based on current scientific knowledge to address honey bee diseases and pests. It is a handy resource to help beekeepers and other users (primarily located in Canada) to detect, diagnose, manage and treat honey bee diseases and pests (several of which are common throughout the world). It includes pictures and treatment options which will aid beekeepers in adopting appropriate pest management practices. Thus, beekeepers can improve bee health and enhance on-farm food safety and biosecurity practices in their operations.

This application contains a large collection of bee pests and diseases, with relative supporting material (mainly photographs), for each of which, if tapped, description, symptoms, monitoring, management treatment and chemical treatment advice are included. One can filter the list of pests/diseases by adult, brood or hive pests or search by typing part of title. The most impressive part of this application is the Identify Pest function. One can select all relevant symptoms from four (4) categories: (a) apiary symptoms, (b) hive and hive entrance symptoms, (c) adult symptoms and (d) brood symptoms. Once symptoms are selected, a list of matching pests appears. Finally, one can record any incidents in their apiaries as pests/diseases log. To sum up, this application is a valuable tool for any professional, amateur or aspiring beekeeper, however the fact that its database has geographic limitations and its niche character lead to a small target group rather than an international application.

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Bee Health


User friendly


Safe to use




Developer support


Goal achievement



  • It is a niche application about bee pests and diseases
  • Very good documentation
  • A very useful pset identification function by criteria selection.


  • Mainly focused on pests and diseases of Canada
  • Large size of application
Bee Health