The following section maps geographically enterprises located in Greek territory and their activity concerns aromatic and pharmaceutical plants. Among them, there are manufacturers of essential oil distilleries, manufacturers of machinery for processing aromatic and pharmaceutical plants and distilleries of aromatic plants.

Analysis description

The Map was created with a cartographic background of Open Street Map (OSM) and a source of the Strategic Development Plan for the cultivation, processing and marketing of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in Greece (available here), created by the Working Group set up by the Minister Rural Development and Food (No. 6045/78394/7-7-2016 Amendment to Decision No. 4345/60870/25-5-2016).

The data processing, interactive charting and data uploading code is available in R language here, under the MIT license (more details on Terms of Use here). If you want to learn more about R and create fascinating data analysis applications, take a look at this course "R Programming For Beginners".

Aromatic and Pharmaceutical Plants: Businesses

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