Animal capital

In the following section, Greece's animal capital is depicted per region, animal species and count variable (holdings or number of heads), based on data drawn from Hellenic Statistical Authority's database.

Analysis description

The key areas of the data set are (a) the Region, (b) the reference year, (c) the animal species, (d) the count variable, and (e) the animal population. The analysis is done with up-to-date data taken at the time of loading the page (or at each reload).

  • On the Animal population course per species, the species is plotted by species and counting across the reporting period (for the years for which data are available).
  • The Animal population course per year tab is plotted by species and counting size for the selected year.
  • The Data synopsis per species lists open data in a tabulated form.
  • The Download Data tab is available to the user to upload the dataset with the fields used for the analysis.

The code of processing data, creating interactive charts and downloading data is available in R programming language here, under MIT license (more details about terms of use here). If you want to learn more about R and create fascinating data analysis applications, take a look at this course "R Programming For Beginners".

Animal capital in Greece

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