A quite popular application among people concerned about tackling all the pests, weeds, insects and diseases of which their crops and/or animal capital may suffer is Agrobase. It is used among crop, vegetable, fruit, nut, horticultural and livestock farmers to reach higher farming productivity and it has been designed to be practical and easy to use in-field by crop advisors, gardeners, trainee Agronomists and Agricultural Students. This application features a rich and continuously updated database of weed, diseases, pest and insect, also including crop protection product descriptions with links – choose the right solution to a specific problem. It also provides information about crop protection product registration and expiry date, and the most importantly - efficiency on different issues.

The application's database is surprisingly large covering pesticides from all crop protection manufacturers, weeds, diseases, pests and insects by giving much information for each one. It supports over 80 languages from all over the world, however not all at once but only the one you pick at first app installation or in any later change of settings. From then on, you can browse by category and, within the category, alphabetically with each item being supported by images. Another thing that is quite useful is that users may download the label of the browsed product in the respective language they have already chosen. The interactivity of applications with users is limited to users being able to report any issues noted through their app experience or in particular items described. Overall, this is the perfect tool for the farmer and the student and an ideal means for companies to show their products to all professionals in agriculture.

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  • It supports more than 80 languages from all over the world.
  • It is constantly updated.
  • Useful for anyone who deals with farming on a practical level.
  • Users may report problems or errors in app's articles.
  • Companies are able to show their products straight to professionals in agriculture.


  • Search is limited to lexicological search within each category, there is no cross-category search supported.
  • There are products with no further description or downloadable files other than the name of the product.
  • There are no links as sources or references for further information in any article of pests, insects, diseases or weeds.