Agriculture Quiz application contains 10,000 questions about agriculture as a test to improve anyone's agricultural knowledge. This test app is perfect for lower, intermediate and upper levels. It can be tested offline and anywhere and it may prove useful for all candidates and students in agriculture exams. Its main layout is straight to a Start screen and, after Start is pressed, to the first question. For each question three multiple choices are given as possible correct answers to the given question and a a timer is running backwards for all 25 questions to be answered.

Agriculture Quiz claims to contain 10000 questions, something that cannot be proven by any user. Furthermore, although simple in its design, the content lacks any categorization or tags for the user to draw specific questions thematically (as in where they are mostly weak). There are no settings to change timer or number of questions. Finally, many questions seem to refer to the Hindu agriculture (geography, institutions etc), leading to loss of many users from other countries. Overall, this app has much potential for extentability.

Available in the following link

Online Seminar: Learn How to Build an Android App

Agriculture Quiz


User friendly


Safe to use




Developer support


Goal achievement



  • Vast collection of questions
  • Fast


  • No user freedom for own settings
  • Focused on Hindu agriculture
Agriculture Quiz